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Re: [FD] Vulnerabilities in Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card

On 03/26/2017 04:43 PM, MustLive wrote:
> Brute Force (WASC-11):
> There is no protection against BF attacks in admin panel,
> because Basic Authentication is used. It is unlikely that the owner will
> change login and password for admin panel. But if will change, then they
> can be picked up.

This conflates two issues, and anyhow, Basic Authentication is not a
problem (Digest won't be any more secure than Basic, if SSL is used...
is it present?).

> Cross-Site Request Forgery (WASC-09):
> There are CSRF vulnerabilities in admin panel. Such as this one: in login
> process there is no captcha, so besides lack of protection against BF, also
> CSRF attack can be made. It's possible to remotely enter into admin panel
> (with default login and password) for conducting further CSRF attacks.

CAPTCHA has nothing to do with CSRF. Neither do default credentials.

Joey Kelly
Minister of the Gospel and Linux Consultant

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