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[FD] Adium vulnerable to remote code execution via libpurple

Adium is a popular instant messaging client for MacOS (OSX) that
incorporates libpurple. The current release ( is vulnerable
to CVE-2017-2640 in libpurple, which permits execution of arbitrary
code on the client.

The Adium team has been aware of the vulnerability since at least
March 15, but has not released an advisory to its users, for reasons

A post to the official developer's mailing list, which included
vulnerability information and queries about Adium's process for
handling upstream advisories from libpurple, has gone unanswered.
Adium's build process documentation does not seem to include steps for
upgrading or rebuilding libpurple, and the copy of libpurple checked
into Adium's open-source repository as a binary blob of unknown


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