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Re: [FD] SEC Consult SA-20170316-0 :: Authenticated command injection in multiple Ubiquiti Networks products


On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 11:35 AM, SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab
<research AT sec-consult.com> wrote:
> SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20170316-0 >
> =======================================================================
>               title: Authenticated Command Injection
>             product: Multiple Ubiquiti Networks products, e.g.
>                      TS-16-CARRIER, TS-5-POE, TS-8-PRO, AG-HP-2G16,
>                      AG-HP-2G20, AG-HP-5G23, AG-HP-5G27, AirGrid M,
>                      AirGrid M2, AirGrid M5, AR, AR-HP, BM2HP, BM2-Ti,
>                      BM5HP, BM5-Ti, LiteStation M5, locoM2, locoM5,
>                      locoM9, M2, M3, M365, M5, M900, NB-2G18, NB-5G22,
>                      NB-5G25, NBM3, NBM365, NBM9, NSM2, NSM3, NSM365,
>                      NSM5, PBM10, PBM3, PBM365, PBM5, PICOM2HP,
>                      Power AP N
>  vulnerable version: v1.3.3 (SW), v5.6.9/v6.0 (XM)

It's supposed to be fixed in SW 1.3.4:

and XW 6.0.1:

(don't know about the rest of them)

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