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[oss-security] Docker 1.12.6 - Security Advisory

Docker Engine version 1.12.6 has been released to address a vulnerability
and is immediately available for all supported platforms. Users are advised
to upgrade existing installations of the Docker Engine and use 1.12.6 for
new installations.

Please send any questions to security AT docker.com.

[CVE-2016-9962] Insecure opening of file-descriptor allows privilege


RunC allowed additional container processes via `runc exec` to be ptraced
by the pid 1 of the container.  This allows the main processes of the
container, if running as root, to gain access to file-descriptors of these
new processes during the initialization and can lead to container escapes
or modification of runC state before the process is fully placed inside the

Credit for this discovery goes to Aleksa Sarai from SUSE and Tõnis Tiigi
from Docker.