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[FD] Announcing NorthSec 2017 CFP + Reg - Montreal, May 16-21

www.nsec.io - northsec.eventbrite.ca

NorthSec 2017, one of the biggest applied security event in Canada,
coming up in Montreal in May 2017:

May 16-17 - Professional Training Sessions - Syllabus Announced Soon
May 18-19 - Security Conference & Workshops
May 19-21 - The biggest 48H on-site CTF in North America, with 350+ attendees

* We are looking for great speakers to submit to our 2017 CFP at

Subjects covered range from Application & Infrastructure security :
pentesting, network security, software and/or hardware exploitation,
web hacking, reverse engineering, malware/virii/rootkits or anything
low-level that makes your personal clock tick!

We also will talk about cryptography & obfuscation, from theoretical
cryptosystems to applied cryptography exploitation, cryptocurrencies,
steganography and covert communication systems, anything goes!

Society & Ethics issues will be part of the show, since technical
subjects are at the core of the security field, but they also exist in
a world of humans, affected by their social environment & political
context. If you want to exchange great ideas about the digital society
and it's security implications, NorthSec's the place!

* Registration for the event is up at http://northsec.eventbrite.ca
(and 50% OFF for a limited time)

About NorthSec :

For the last years, NorthSec has been building one of the biggest
applied security event in Canada, aimed at raising the knowledge and
technical expertise of professionals and students alike.
We are determined to create a high quality security forum by combining
professional training sessions, a high quality security conference by
the brightest in their field of expertise, followed by an intense 48
hour on-site CTF contest.

All of this in the great city of Montreal, often cited as one of the
best party/hedonistic city & often named as the best traveller's
choice in North America.

The 2016 Conference sessions are available on YouTube:

Challenges running one of the biggest on-site CTF:

The NorthSec Team (a.k.a D0lorezH4ze & samsepi0l).

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