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[FD] Security Vulnerability : Cisco web site CSRF in change password lead to full account take over

Dear Team ,

Hope this email finds you well , Please be informed that i found a Major
Security vulnerability in the Main Cisco Web Site  https://www.cisco.com/


The vulnerability allows a remote hacker to force Victim`s browser to send
reset password for their accounts and then  the Hacker will be able to take
the ownership of this account.

*Description and Steps To reproduce the issue *

1-Go to Main Cisco web site and create a new Account

2-Click on forget password and then enter your email

3-An email address will be sent to your Inbox...click the link to reset
your password

4-After capturing the request (attached) found that it was Sent with a
session token to open the Web page

but with the Confirmation - Sending Email , this session Token didn`t sent
plus there is no Authorization code or anti forgery tokens !

*this lead to CSRF Vulnerability in the back end side *

5-By writing very simple POC script to simulate this request ...the hacker
will be able to change password of the registered/Loggedin victims in Cisco Web

and by knowing his email he will be able to take his account easily !

i`m suggesting the following solution to solve this issue :

1-In *post* reset password action : the request should contains the Session
token or authorization code and the back end side should validate that this
session is valid

2-Anti Forgery token should be added to the request parameters .

Attached Screen shots and Simple POC (CISCO_ACCOUNT_OWNERSHIPT_CSRF.html)
to represent the issue.

if there is any thing not clear , please let me know

Looking forward to read from you soon :)


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