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[FD] New release: UFONet v0.8 - "U-NATi0n!"


I am glad to present a new release of this tool:


UFONet abuses OSI Layer 7-HTTP to create/manage 'zombies' and to conduct
different attacks using; GET/POST, multithreading, proxies, origin
spoofing methods, cache evasion techniques, etc.

FAQ: http://ufonet.03c8.net/FAQ.html


- Added XML-RPC Pingback exploitation (WP, Drupal, etc...)
- Added AES256+HMAC-SHA1 messagery system
- Added Statistics to crawler (Inspector)
- Fixed Botnet Global Map View (now all kind of zombies are represented)
- [...]





  + [code]: https://github.com/epsylon/ufonet


  + [sources]:

   * http://ufonet.03c8.net/ufonet/ufonet-v0.8.tar.gz
   * http://ufonet.03c8.net/ufonet/ufonet-v0.8.zip

  + [torrents]:

   * http://ufonet.03c8.net/ufonet/ufonet-v0.8.zip.torrent
   * http://ufonet.03c8.net/ufonet/ufonet-v0.8.tar.gz.torrent


"obscuris vera involvens"

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