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[FD] Ubiquiti


please let us communicate directly and not via Mailinglists, because this results in flooding and is not important to all other people. If there is an final result, weather the PoC has got an mistake or not, we can publish the result. 

If there are other products affected we don’t know - this was not mentioned in the disclosure (The PoC is only for the OS X Software combined with an AP AC Lite), so we can’t give an statement to other products of the vendor. 

If nobody is able to get the PoC working, like I said above, maby we made an mistake, I will not distance me from making a mistake, I think the vuln should not be seen as too critical. 

But what you all approved is that if the database runs locally the following scenario should be bullet proof: 
All, by the management software, managed devices could be compromised if the pc get’s infected, because the database has absolutely no authentication and you are able to reset the local admins web interface password. 

This would reduce the CVSSv3 to 6.3 and change they vuln type to „privilege escalation“, combined with broken authentication even without an "scope change": 

Do you agree? 

I’m looking forward to minimize our "race time condition denial of service", to deliver fast results in future :-P 

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen 

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