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[FD] CVE-2016-5425 - Apache Tomcat packaging on RedHat-based distros - Root Privilege Escalation (affecting CentOS, Fedora, OracleLinux, RedHat etc.)

Vulnerability: Apache Tomcat packaging on RedHat-based distros


Discovered by:
Dawid Golunski (http://legalhackers.com)

Affected systems: Multiple Tomcat packages on RedHat-based systems
including: CentOS,Fedora,OracleLinux,RedHat etc.

Short Description:

Apache Tomcat packages provided by default repositories of RedHat-based
distributions (including CentOS, RedHat, OracleLinux, Fedora,  etc.)
create a tmpfiles.d configuration file with insecure permissions which
allow attackers who are able to write files with tomcat user permissions
(for example, through a vulnerability in web application hosted on Tomcat)
to escalate their privileges from tomcat user to root and fully compromise
the target system.

Full advisory and a working root privilege escalation exploit can be found


BTW. If you are using Tomcat on a Debian-based distro,  you may want
to check out
my previous Tomcat advisory and exploit at:


Dawid Golunski

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