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Re: [FD] Critical Vulnerability in Ubiquiti UniFi

So, while I've not attempted to reproduce the "exploit"* POC below, I have some observations/questions.

The exploit, if I'm reading things correctly depends on MongoDB being configured to accept remote database connections. Yet, at least on Ubuntu [the vendor recommended Linux distro], it's only configured to accept connections from [bind_ip =] 

So, it's not a remote exploit - in at least this case. [I suspect that's the usual config elsewhere too, so I suspect it's fair to say, it's not remote in virtually all cases.]

I suppose it means that if you have a valid account on the same box as Unifi+MongoDB is installed on, you could get admin in Unifi. [Which admittedly sucks.] 

But given the fairly limited nature of the "bug"* a CVSS score of 8.8 seems excessive. 
[*I think allowing remote DB access would break the security model the app is designed to run in, and so the results when you allow remote DB access are going to be ugly - that seems a given, and which might also explain Ubiquiti's response.]

But perhaps I misunderstand something/everything. If so, I'm glad to hear the explanation.

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