Mailing List Mirrors

There are tons of mailing list mirrors around, and this is just another one. I can be a bit of a data hoarder, and for lists that interest me I like to keep a copy under my control in case the other resources dissapear at some point in the future.

A lot of the archives start in 2016, as that's when I got around to making the archiving a little more rational. If/when I get time, I'll try and go over the older data and get it sorted into a more sane format so that it can be added

Note that in February 2017, I started filtering certain types of mail out of the lists (the most affected being Cyberpunks) as the nature of some of the speech being made switched to topics I didn't want to provide a platform for.

Filtering has been kept as minimal as possible, but when it does happen, (as of MAILARCHIV-3) it'll be recorded in the JIRA project MAILARCHIV.


This site is available at http://lxjwnnwvbp25jt3q44bcyulhkzr2e344tnkyh3qrqneukmshik3qotyd.onion and